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I started my dog training/behavior business Turnaround Training in 1999 and I've been specializing in all levels of canine aggression for over 20 years. I only use cruelty free techniques. Feel free to read my dog related resume here. Being an animal communicator helps me with finding the root cause of your dog's issues so we can solve the emotional problems. Once your dog is healed emotionally, behavior modification works quickly and easily.  

Psychic Readings

Are you ready to see the bigger picture of your life? Tired of feeling stuck? I can connect you with your spirit guides and with them leading the way we can release any energy that's holding you back, give you clarity, direction and intent of purpose.     

Merging Science and Spirituality

Being an animal communicator and a canine behaviorist, I bridge the gap with logical, behaviorally based techniques as well as my psychic gifts so you get a complete picture of your situation. I will give you scientifically proven behavior modification tools to parent your dogs in a way that promotes peace and mutual respect. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cinimon Clark canine behaviorist animal communicator

How do your psychic gifts work?

I'm a psychic medium and animal communicator. I'm all the 'clairs'... clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. I'm an empath and I talk to dead people and animals. If you think that sounds crazy, try being sensitive 'old me in a big crowd of people. Yikes! My Momma says even as an infant I would cry in crowds. It's just who I am. I can't help it and sometimes it's a pain. But, I was born with this gift and I'm grateful I can actually help people. And honestly, being psychic is something I've struggled with my whole life and I'm really glad it's seen as more normal now. - I don't use any tools (tarot cards, crystals, etc.) I just get the words, images and feelings in my head and then I tell you. Easy peasy. I can give and receive messages to deceased people and animals and I can communicate with living animals (This helps me work with aggressive dogs and not get eaten - very convenient!) 

What psychic services do you offer?

I give all kinds of readings. I can teach you how to meditate by leading you through a guided meditation, give you past life information, introduce you to your spirit guides and find where the blocks are that you would like to remove. I can show you how to balance your chakras, how to stay on your spiritual path in an easy way and how to use spiritual maintenance to know what steps to take in your life. Don't panic, I'm not going to start levitating or anything, but I'm really good at this whole psychic thing.       

Are you going to tell me something bad?

No. I made an agreement with my spirit guides years ago. I told them that if I got negative information for people, I would just flat out quit giving readings. The world can be crappy enough without me telling you more negative stuff. I'm never going to sugar coat anything for you. All I know how to be is honest. But, my guides and I will always tell you a higher truth and my readings will always have a positive message. 

Am I going to cry?

I don't know. Maybe? Look, if you cry it's because that emotion was in you and it needed to come out. I would never make you cry on purpose, but if you need to get some energy flowing and your guides feel a good cry would help you out, or if your childhood dog comes through, then sure. You'll cry. I'll cry. We'll all cry. But, I can tell you this, when the reading is done, you will feel amazing. My guides are out of this world (literally) at allowing people to feel all the love.  

Will this open some freaky doorway to bad spirits?

No. I don't allow low level energy around me. I meditate before each reading and make sure to have a safe bubble of energy around us both. Only love and light is allowed into this bubble. I keep everything clean and clear from the get go. I prepare beforehand because I don't want to have to sage and clear up negative energy all the time. I'm not saying I'm lazy but... okay yeah, I'm saying I'm lazy. 

Can you guarantee my loved ones or pets will come though?

I can't control your reading. That's for your guides to do. They know so much more than we do so just be open minded and receive what you need to hear and don't get so caught up in what you want to hear. You will get information. Your guides love helping you.  

Is my reading confidential?

Yes. Absolutely. I don't share your info or the content of your reading with anyone else. Respect, non-judgement, dignity and compassion are very important to me. - I don't remember the readings I give anyway. My memory is terrible. The information dissipates like a dream. It's your private information and it would be disrespectful for me to keep it.  

Do you need an object of mine to give me a reading?

No. I don't need to hold anything, have a picture or see you or your animal in person. When I give a reading, my eyes are closed so all my readings are over the phone or in a private online meeting room. It would be boring just staring at me with my eyes closed anyway.  

Can you read my mind?

Nope. And really, why would I even want to do that? C'mon now, I have more important things to do with my time like, I don't know... feed the dogs and get the clothes out of the dryer. - I would never disrespect anyone's privacy. For me, the whole goal of doing this is to inspire and empower people. My integrity is solid and I take my job very seriously. I just don't take myself that seriously. I tend to find humor in lots of things. Maybe you've noticed that already?   

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I would be honored to assist you in healing your life and/or changing your relationship with your animals. 

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Shelly R. ~ Florida

Cinimon Clark comes highly recommended in my book for all your growth and healing needs! I've been getting channeled readings from Cinimon since 2008 when I was in the midst of a very dark time in my life. The information she channels and guidance she gives you always resonates intuitively and is 100% on point. She works with her guide as well as your own and also others who have crossed over, to give you the most accurate information you need to always stand in your power and create the life you came here to experience. Cinimon is funny, warm hearted and dedicated to helping others through her readings. I'm forever grateful to have connected with her. She has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleader through every major life change I've had for over 10 years. Highly recommend and love her!   

Dana C. ~ Texas

I first searched Cinimon Clark’s site because of her remarkable work with dogs (particularly those who society had written off as irredeemable).  When I went to her home page, I was both surprised and delighted to find out that Cinimon is also psychic medium and animal communicator.  (How cool is that?!) 

Fast forward to now - I’ve had my first psychic reading with Cinimon, which was an amazing experience.  Cinimon is so real, and so down-to-earth.  From the first “hello”,I felt like I was talking with a dear friend who I’d known for ages.  The messages Cinimon brought through were so detailed and spot-on.  By the end of the reading, I felt very encouraged and had a tremendous sense of peace. 

Cinimon is such a bright light and a kind, compassionate soul.  She is doing both life-changing work with humans, and life-saving work with animals, (who might otherwise slip through the cracks).  If you have considered working with Cinimon, I can’t encourage you enough to jump at the opportunity. 

Thank you, Cinimon, for helping to make the world a better and kinder place for our animal friends, and a more peaceful place for their humans.